Downtown [Why'o Territory-0 Affinity]
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A Wry Mistake
created May 9, 2020 2:50:44 GMT
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May 9, 2020 2:50:44 GMT
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This territory is quite obviously on the brink of transition. Much like Church City, this land has many old buildings, both historic and generic. A downtown area around an old prison is surrounded by bail bonds offices, but those are slowly disappearing. They have closed up shop and moved on like a caravan finding a new place to sell its wares. Wherever the prison went, the entourage followed.

This has left many of the buildings directly around the prison empty, but beyond that and slowly creeping into it many different businesses have begun to spring up. Tall skyscrapers are growing up all over the place, boutiques and strip malls are opening, and the smell of good, warm food is everywhere. Human goods are carted through on loud trains that run on tracks directly in front of the prison.
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