Screech Town [Unclaimed]
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Screech Town is so named for all of the industrial, metal and steel structures and warehouses that make up the place. Roads here are wide, cracked, and dirty. Some aren’t even paved in places. It would seem that instead of humans, mud and rust make up the majority of the area.

Most humans that work in Screech Town do not live there. The few that do reside in outdated apartments or community trailer lots. The people who keep dogs typically let them roam free, letting them mingle with the neighborhood strays. No one really knows whose dog belongs to who, so the authorities are never called on collarless canines.

Somewhere near the border between Screech and The Fields sits a big patch of green, all encased in a tall, rusty chain link fence. This is the junkyard. Piles of cars and pieces of scrap lie intertwined with overgrown bushes and ivy plants. A grass and metal oasis in a desert of dirt.
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