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The Blocks is a name that refers to a smaller, quainter subset of city life. Small shops, gas stations, and other little buildings are set decently far apart, eventually giving way to quiet, closely knit neighborhoods made up of dozens of small houses. Not the wealthiest bunch, but definitely middle class suburbanites.

There’s a lot here in way of recreation, given that this is where humans intend to raise their children. A series of grassy, manicured parks here, a roller skate ramp there. Life here is safe and good.

It might be hard for dogs to make a living here because of it though. Humans don’t care for the idea of stray dogs roaming free while their children play. The kids don’t seem to mind though. They will happily share their snacks with strays...just be careful that you don’t get dragged home to Mom and Dad to be made a pet.
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