Be kind and respectful to everyone on Mad'ouk. Everyone is welcome regardless of who they are or what they stand for! Please do not push topics that might turn a conversation sour. (i.e., politics)

Keep all NSFW content out of both chat and roleplay. If you wouldn't want your boss to see it, it's probably not safe!

Mad'ouk is an account per character roleplay! Please create one out of character account and one account for every character that you make!

Proboards TOS states that we cannot allow players under the age of 12. We are sorry. It is for your protection. If we find out that you are underage, you will be asked to leave and return when you have reached the appropriate age.

Please do not bubble roleplay. Instead of closing all of your threads to a single person that you know very well, have threads with the other members of Mad'ouk as well! While it's not frowned upon to close your threads, we like to see some variety. Branch out! Make some friends!

• We have an activity check from the 18th to the 25th of every month. You are required to post in the activity check or you will be marked as inactive. At the conclusion of the second activity check, your accounts will be deleted. (See activity page of the guidebook for more information)

Character accounts must be the character's name. OOC account names must be the same in Discord.

Applications and out of character activity and logs must be posted using your OOC account.

Characters must age up with the timeline. It is your responsibility to age up your character through IC posts and logs.

Posts must be written in past tense.

• We follow a very loose posting order. Do not be afraid for your character to speak out of turn. It's not against the rules...in fact, it's more realistic! We still ask that you be considerate to others though and try to give everyone a chance to participate.

Transgender characters are not allowed. Sorry! While we respect the idea behind them, it gets far too confusing for animal characters that rely on a sense of smell to determine such things as biological gender.

You are allowed to play a character born into a clan (3 months or younger) or as an adult who is seeking a clan.

Every character will be given a secondary 'name' in Canna tongue, the IC canine language. This name will be decided by staff based on the character's appearance, and the character may sometimes be addressed by this name in character as well as their player given one.

Users are allowed to roleplay any religion, race, personality, disorder, accent, etc. that they want. Creativity is very important to us and we're not going to limit you here!

Players are not allowed to create purebred wolves. Halfbreeds are permitted when earned however.