Welcome to Mad'ouk!

Ma'douk is a stray dog roleplay set in a fictional city by the name of Kah’ren. Here you will follow the lives and struggles of a city full of roving canine gangs. They live in a harsh and unforgiving city, but that doesn’t mean that these dogs can’t try to make the best of what they’ve got.

You will find yourself immersed into a unique roleplaying world built on your writing! We try our best to listen to our players and give them the reigns of the ongoing plot. That's right, it's all decided by you, the players of Mad'ouk! The fate of the Kah'ren lies in your keyboard!

Not only that, but Mad'ouk has a unique, teamwork based system to 'build the strength' of gangs in character. The more your write, the more your gang profits! By posting consistently, your group will be able to better defend their land, gain more packmembers, and more!